Sosnoski Software Associates Ltd. personnel have been involved in open source Java software development since the late 1990s, including major efforts by company founder Dennis Sosnoski. This page provides summaries and links to some of the recent projects in the XML and web services area.

JiBX XML Data Binding

The JiBX XML data binding project is a tool for binding XML data to Java objects. It's extremely flexible, allowing you to start from existing Java code and generate an XML schema, start from an XML schema and generate Java code, or bridge your existing code to a schema that represents the same data. It also provides very high performance, outperforming all other Java data binding tools across a wide variety of tests.

In addition to the actual binding tool represented by the main project, several subprojects provide useful extensions or technologies built on JiBX. These subprojects are listed below.

JiBX/WS: Web Services with JiBX

JiBX/WS is a framework for creating fast, simple web services. It is built upon the JiBX data binding tool. It provides the same advantages of flexibility and performance for web services as the base JiBX project does for ordinary XML data binding. JiBX/WS performance is typically about twice that of other web services frameworks when using normal XML. If you use the XBIS support included in JiBX/WS you can get about twice the performance of normal XML.

JiBX/OTA: OTA Message Exchange with JiBX

JiBX/OTA is a set of examples and sample code intended to help developers working with the Open Travel Alliance schemas. It includes two different examples of JiBX code generation from the OTA schemas, an example of WSDL generation from a Java interface for a web service based on OTA messages, and two different sample implementations of a client and server for the web service (one using Axis2, the other using JiBX/WS).

XBIS XML Information Set Encoding

The XBIS XML Information Set Encoding project defines a binary format for exchanging XML data. The binary format preserves all significant information from the text representation of XML, but provides a more-compact form which can be transmitted and processed more quickly than text XML.

The most recent work on XBIS has focused on integrating it with JiBX, and current JiBX and JiBX/WS releases include that support.

WS-Security Wrapper

The WS-Security Wrapper is an adapter program that converts plain XML exchanges to and from SOAP with WS-Security. It's designed to be used by applications which need access to secure Web services but do not have full SOAP implementations available. The Wrapper serves as an intermediary for the application, adding SOAP and WS-Security to their input messages for submission to the service, then verifying the WS-Security on the response and sending the actual response message data back to the application. The Wrapper itself is written in Java, and has been tested on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems.

The current 3.0 version of the Wrapper extended the management and testing features, and also added significantly better support for WS-Security options.