Having trouble meeting deadlines for provisions of the Affordable Care Act? You're not alone, but you've come to the right place! Sosnoski Software Associates Ltd. is already helping state governments and health care organizations working with web services mandated by the Federal government, including the elgibility and enrollment web services provided by the Federal data services hub.

Apache CXF is the ideal platform for implementing the required web service clients and providers, with the flexibility to handle everything from strongly-typed Java data structures to plain XML in databases. Apache Camel makes it easy to automate data flows between existing systems and the new services. We can help you with both of these tools, as well as any custom programming required to complete the linkages to existing systems.

We're not only experts at Java web services, we also have an in-depth understanding of data security and the considerations involved in keeping data secure with web services. The services defined by the Federal data services hub provide good security for the actual exchange if correctly implemented, but you also need to secure the data going in and coming out of the service. We'll help you decide what security precautions you want to put in place to make sure data stays secure within your systems.

Besides helping out with the actual implementation, we can also train your developers on web services technologies and web services security. The Jump Start option gives your developers both training and assistance to speed your web services applications to successful deployment. We're offering custom training and assistance for the Federal data services hub as part of this option, and we'll continue to update our materials as the hub evolves. You can also opt for standalone Hands-on CXF Web Services or Web Service Security trainings to help your developers become productive more quickly without the additional mentoring and consulting that's part of the Jump Start experience.