Sosnoski Software Associates Ltd is actually a pair of legally-independent companies, one based in the U.S. and incorporated in Washington State, the other based in New Zealand and incorporated there. The U.S. company handles business conducted in the United States and Canada, while the New Zealand company handles business conducted everywhere else in the world.

Dennis Sosnoski

The companies are both led by company founder and principal consultant Dennis Sosnoski, a developer, author, speaker, and trainer. Dennis' background includes over thirty years of software development, including the last twelve years of XML and web services work. He's personally assisted in hundreds of projects, and has trained thousands of developers on XML and web services.

In addition to his commercial work, Dennis has contributed to the Java community through his writings, presentations at conferences including the U.S. JavaOne and the European JavaPolis conference (now Devoxx), and participation in the JCP expert groups for the JAX-WS 2.0 web services standard and the JAXB 2.x XML data binding standard. Dennis is also very active in open source Java software development. His open source JiBX XML data binding project is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, especially in the travel and financial industries. He's also a committer on the Apache Axis2 and Apache CXF web service projects.

You can find links to some of Dennis' writings on the Articles page of this section, and also learn about some of the open source work by both Dennis and other associates on the Open Source page. You can also view some of his recent presentations on the Presentations page.